10 x Air Dried Hardwood Logs Nets

10 x Air Dried Hardwood Logs Nets

Dimensions: 45cm to 60cm (22L)

Approx: 60 to 90 Logs

Price: £85.00 £70.00

Inc VAT & Free Delivery

Out of stock

  • axeiconCut to 25cm & split
  • logs-iconApprox. 6 to 9 logs
  • ash-leafAsh hardwood
  • kiln-driedKiln dried under 18%
  • deliveryFree Delivery
  • printPrint

Product Description

Naturally air dried hardwood from only the best species. Available in our Large Bag, giving you the opportunity to purchase firewood at a low price point.

Free Delivery

If you are in the shaded map area, then it is highly likely that your product will be delivered by our in-house delivery team who’s intention is to make your delivery a great experience. We can always get your firewood where you would like to prevent double handling.

If in doubt about the delivery method please email or call us on 0800 112 3469 (photos are always helpful).

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